• Increase employability
  • Increase initial salary
  • Shortened of waiting time to get first job
  • Improve linkages

Academic Atmosphere

  • Healthy relationship between staff-student, among staffs, among students
  • Relationship to develop good quality in educational process supported by all academic and administrative staffs
  • Transparency and accountability in all academic life
  • Spirit and motivation to work in all academic activities of all staffs
  • Community involvement in academic and teaching-learning process

Internal Management and Organization

  • Improve management and organization
  • Improve staff morale and motivation
  • Better budget allocation/mechanism
  • Optimize resource allocation and utilization
  • Flow of resources acquired from other activities can be benefited to the overall program
  • Bottom up approach to develop planning
  • The initiative and responsibility of each proponent


  • Carrier system for graduate employment
  • Empowerment of community participation
  • Network/partnership
  • Support from regional area
  • Calculate the EIRR


Aspek yang terkait dengan efisiensi dan produktivitas antara lain adalah penyelesaian program akademik yang tepat waktu, masa studi yang sesuai dengan masa kurikulum, minimalisasi angka drop-out, optimasi pemanfaatan sumber daya (cost conciousness) baik menyangkut sumber daya manausia (staff FTE, rasio doen mahasiswa), sumber daya fisik (tingkat utilisasi ruangan dan peralatan), maupun sumber daya uang (penekanan unit cost) juga merupakan aspek yang sangat relevan dengan efisiensi.

Leadership and Institutional Commitment

  • Overall standing point of key individuals (persons engaged in formulation, operation and interaction with environment)
  • Vision strength: give direction to the development plan, guide to the implementation toward achievement of the objectives
  • Institutional commitment
  • Originate link and competitive values (show added and comparative values)


  • Improve student access from economically disadvantage
  • Improve woman participation
  • Enhance admission/student capacity
  • Promotion, open house, talent scouting